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Add or Edit Resource Metadata

Resource metadata can be edited in three different ways:

One-at-a-time editing of resource metadata
An Aviary staff user must go to two different locations to edit resource metadata one-at-a-time from the resource detail page.
Editing General Settings metadata is accessed from the Resources table in your organization's Aviary staff view (or to Manage Resources for a particular collection). Click on "Edit" for the resource you wish to edit. You will be redirected to the Edit Resources: General Settings view where you can add/edit these metadata fields
Resource Display Title
Custom Unique Identifier
2. Editing all other resource descriptive metadata (both default and custom) is accessed from the Resource Detail page. Click on the pencil icon at the top right of the Description tab. This will open the metadata editing window.
This will open the metadata Edit Form. Make your changes and click Save to submit.
Only visible fields can be edited here. If you wish to change the metadata fields available, go to to update the Resource Description tab.
See this video demonstration of editing resource metadata:
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