OHMS in Aviary Documentation

3. OHMS Studio

The OHMS Studio is the main hub of the OHMS application. The OHMS Studio is where you:
3.1. Create new record, input records
3.2. Action: Input or edit item-level metadata
3.3. Action: Initiate the indexing utility
3.4. Action: Upload transcript
3.5. Action: Initiate transcription synchronization utility
3.6. Action: Re-upload / replace transcript
3.7. Action: Create Note pertaining to record
3.8. Review work in Preview Viewer
3.9. Customize OHMS Studio Fields View and Search Behavior
3.10. Export or Delete the Individual OHMS XML
3.11. Bulk Action: Export OHMS XML (Selection Required)
3.12. Bulk Action: Export Notes (Selection Required)
3.13. Bulk Action: Edit Options (Selection Required)
The following actions can be applied across multiple OHMS records:
3.14. Filter OHMS Notes
Filter Notes filters the OHMS Studio records presenting only records that contain notes, and unresolved notes are sorted at the top.
3.15. Search Records in the OHMS Studio
The OHMS studio can be configured to search any field.
3.1. Create new record, input records

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