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Manage Access Requests

Registered users can request access to resources that have been identified as private. It is also possible for registered users to request access to private media, transcripts, or indexes, in which case, the permission is granted at the resource level.
To manage access requests in Aviary, go to “Permissions” and click on “Access Requests”. This will open the Access Requests management page. In here, you will see all requests to access private content from your collections.
Every time a user requests access to a resource, the organization admin will receive an email notification. You can also see all requests in the Access Request management page.
Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.37.16 AM.png
“View Resource” will take you to the detail view of the resource the user wants access to.
“View Request” will show the details of the request, such as “Name” and “Reasons to request access.” Clicking on “Accept”, will open a new Permission Group page, which will have pre-filled the user’s information. By default, the permission group is set to “view” and “ongoing”. You can change the Permission Group settings as you wish.
“Accept” will automatically create a New Permission Group with ongoing access permissions. You can change these settings later in the Permission Groups tab.
“Deny” blocks the request. Organization admin can enter a message to the user indicating why the access request has been denied. The user will receive an email notification with this information.
“Delete” will remove the request from the table.

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