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What is a playlist?

An Aviary playlist is simply a list of resources (full resources, individual media files in a resource, or "clipped" portions of media files) that can be organized together and described with a few playlist metadata elements. The playlist allows an organization to present existing Aviary resources and their metadata in different ways and in different orders other than that found in the Aviary collections and resources. This can make it easier for Aviary users to find resources in a playlist, rather than click around or search Aviary to get from resource to resource.
Playlists dynamically display all the metadata (resource description, media file description, index, caption, and supplemental files) from each resource. There is no additional metadata created for each resource in a playlist. However, there is limited metadata used to describe a playlist itself (playlist name and playlist description).
Aviary playlists inherit all of the existing permissions of the resources they contain. They do not add any additional restrictions or permissions.
Aviary playlists are meant as simple aids to access. They are not meant to facilitate more robust clip creation, with different clip-level metadata or restrictions.
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