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As a member of a subscribing organization, you’ll see an organization profile dropdown next to your user profile.
Clicking on an organization in the dropdown takes you to the Organization Console.

Organization Console
The Organization Console is visible to Organization Owners and Organization Admin users. The Organization Console is where you’ll manage your account, collections, and users. On the left sidebar you’ll see navigation to the following management pages:
→ Collections: Browse, view, manage, and create collections and their resources. → Resources: Browse, view, manage, and create resources. → Media: Browse, view, and manage media files. → Playlists: Browse, view, manage, and create playlists. → Automated Metadata: Manage automated transcription jobs. → Imports: Create and manage bulk import jobs. → Integrations: Includes SSO, Trint (Automated Transcripts), and any other 3rd Party integrations that have been configured for your site. → Users: Add organization users to your organization and manage their permissions. → Permissions: → Permission Groups: Create permission groups and add users. → Access Requests: Manage resource access requests sent from users. → Organization: Manage your organization’s website text, banner images, logo, and custom CSS theme. → Analytics: View general, user, and resource analytics for your site. → Account: Manage your subscription plan and billing information (Organization Owners only). → Resources: Quick view of resource usage for your subscription plan.
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For specific information and steps on how to manage content, users, and collection in Aviary, see the applicable Aviary How-to articles.

Organization Profile
The Organization Profile page is visible to Organization Owners and Organization Admin users. This page enables you to customize the banner image, logo, and text of your homepage. Here you can also set your organization subdomain within the Aviary platform. (Note: Location information in the organization profile form is not displayed on the website. Use the Address Line in the Organization Theme form to display this.) When you add collections and resources, Featured Collections and Featured Content will display below the organization information.
Organization Theme
The Organization Theme page is only available to Organization Owners. This is where you can customize the look and feel of your organization's Aviary Site. Change headers and footers, add additional navigation to internal pages or external sites, and display your organization’s address, hours of business, and website copyright information in the footer.
Custom CSS is also allowed for further site customizations.
Organization owners also have the option to customize the background colors of the search pages within their Aviary site.
Account and Billing
The Account page is only visible to Organization Owners. On the account page, you can change subscription plans and update credit card billing information. If you choose to downgrade your plan, you will first need to adjust your stored resources to fit the limits of the new plan.

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